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Under Vehicle Inspection System

UVSS 1The AMC Under Vehicle Surveillance System has been specifically designed to provide the user with the means to efficiently scan the underside of road vehicles in order to detect illegal or dangerous objects.

Until now, the underside of vehicles has been a popular location to conceal objects for transport through security checkpoints. Such objects include explosives, drugs and other contraband, and even unauthorised persons.

Whilst under vehicle scanning systems have been in use for several years, most systems have a fixed scanning head. Whilst this technology provides a general view of the underside of a vehicle, criminals have become aware of the limitations of such systems, and now hide packages above structures such as suspension struts. The AMC Under Vehicle Surveillance System overcomes this new threat by including a fully controllable 4 axis optical head unit. This innovative device allows operators to enter manual control mode to pan, tilt and zoom (up to X24 optical zoom) to investigate every recess under a vehicle from multiple angles, thereby allowing trained operators to more thoroughly scan vehicles and thus offer greater security than previously available.


In automatic mode the system will scan the underside of vehicles, providing a high resolution image to the operator, who may be positioned up to 1000 metres away. The pan, tilt, zoom capability may also be included in a programmed automatic scan sequence as required.

These operational modes allow suspect items to be closely investigated by specialists from a safe distance. In the case of explosives, this ability can save lives by allowing disposal teams to formulate a solution before physically dealing with the device.

The UVSS is a self contained, simple to operate system, controlled by two joysticks, a mode button and a monitor. It is also capable of integrating with an ANPR system to provide cross checks and enhanced functionality. Images from the system may also be stored on a DVR for archiving.

The UVSS system is available in three sizes (2.5m, 4.0m and 6.0m) lengths to scan various size of vehicles. A portable unit is also available for VIP/ or remote area work.