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Construction Site Turnstile Packages

Traditionally, the control of construction site access by workers and visitors has been difficult to control. In addition, theft of small items loses the construction industry millions of pounds each year. AMC has developed a simple solution to this in the form of a fully self contained entry and exit system with stand alone access control and recording software.

This system combines a full height turnstile to control the flow of personnel in and out of the site, and an adjacent single leaf gate to allow equipment and tools through the entry point.

Construction Site Turnstile Packages

Both the turnstile and gate are controlled by a pc based access control system which is capable of storing the details of up to 10,000 individuals, and recording entry and exit attempts by them at both turnstile and gate.

The software allows you to allocate access passes with different access permissions for different categories of personnel. For instance, visitors could be provided with a card valid for one day only, whilst construction personnel could be provided with an access card which allows entry to the site Monday to Friday between the hours of 7am to 8pm only, for example. Several different levels of access privileges are possible, and card may be cancelled and access times changed at any time.

Construction Site Turnstile Diagram

The further benefit of this software is the ability to present a record of time and attendance along with a fire roll call in the event of an emergency. AMC are also able to provide CCTV at the gate to ensure full control of its use.

This access control system may be loaded into your existing pc, or we can supply a “ready to run” pc solution. The card readers are metal clad vandal resistant, external grade units for maximum longevity at site.