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Security Systems
Traffic Control Systems
Tyre killers, ramps, teeth, flow plates and height restrictors.
Predator Tyre Killer
Effective traffic control with the guarantee that rogue vehicles will be rendered unusable. An automatic barrier which is mechanically linked to a spiked tyre killer and which may be integrated into your existing remote or locally controlled vehicle access controls.
Surface Mounted Flow Plates
Traffic flow plates are normally specified to regulate traffic flow through one way systems within car parks, goods loading yards, bus lanes and similar applications.
Recessed Flow Plates
A permanent heavy duty solution to traffic control and directional flow control for both light vehicles and HGV’s.
Alligator Teeth
Alligator Teeth are designed to enforce traffic flow in one way systems such as car parks, hospitals, commercial, industrial and military sites.
They are effective against all types of vehicles with high volume traffic flow.
alligator ramp
Alligator Ramp is a clever combination of a modular speed ramp with inbuilt Alligator Teeth.
Speed Ramp
AMC speed ramps offer a quick and effective traffic control measure. The available 50mm and 75mm heights reduce traffic speeds to 10 and 5mph respectively. They can be quickly bolted to existing concrete surfaces and are the most economical means of enhancing the traffic safety of your site.
Height Restrictors
The fixed or swing arm manual height restrictors are manufactured from high quality rectangular and circular mild steel sections. These units can be used to prevent access to unauthorised areas, such as staff car parks or underground car parks, where mandatory height restrictions apply.
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