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Surface Mounted Traffic Flow Control Plates

Traffic flow plates are the most cost effective traffic management products for regulating one-way traffic flow through one way systems within car parks, goods loading yards, bus lanes and similar applications.

Traffic Flow Control Plates

Traffic flow plates (one way traffic flaps) are simple to install, require no power, and easily enforce one way traffic patterns. Rubber buffers are fitted to the reverse of surface mounted units, to ensure quiet operation.

Surface Mounted (Non HGV): 305mm wide by 250mm depth by 100mm height

Surface Mounted (HGV rated): 425mm wide by 330mm depth by 230mm height

Installation Recommendations:

  • Traffic speed must be regulated to 5mph on the approach to the plates (speed ramps and warning signs are recommended)..
  • Provide a good level of illumination in the vicinity of the plates.
  • Ensure that vehicles approach at an angle of less than 15 degrees.
Surface Mounted Traffic Flow Control

Flow Control

Suggested Quantities to Suit Varying Road Widths.
Road Width Quantity of Plates
2.3m 5
2.5m 5
3.0m 6
3.5m 7
4.0m 8
4.4m 9
4.8m 10
5.3m 11
5.8m 12
6.2m 13