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Speed Ramps

We offer a range of high quality speed ramps with different profiles to suit varying speed limitation requirements.

Speed Ramps

Manufactured from hard wearing recycled dense PVC, these speed ramps have a 30 tonne axle load capability.
High visibility painted yellow and natural black alternating segments make the ramp highly visible for approaching traffic, and reflective “cats eyes” are moulded into the ramps for extra safety in the dark.

The modular design allows ramps to be tailored to fit any width of thoroughfare, whilst ensuring quick and simple installation. The sections of ramp are simply bolted to the road surface using resin anchors (or expanding fixings Into concrete). For additional rigidity, a steel tube may be run down the centre of the structure.

Two heights are available to effectively reduce speeds to pre determined levels:
50mm high to reduce speeds to between 5 and 10mph, and 75mm high to limit speeds to less than 5mph.

These ramps provide the best solution where severe speed reduction is necessary, such as for schools, hospitals, access points, and to prevent “tailgating” though barriers etc.