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Recessed Mounted Traffic Flow Control Plates

AMC traffic flow control plates are available in standard or HGV grade. Standard versions are suitable for use with cars and light goods vehicles, and for heavy plant and HGVs the heavy duty model should be specified.

Recessed Mounted Traffic Flow Control Plates

The units are designed to be located into concrete foundations thus presenting a permanent heavy duty solution to enforcement of traffic flow and direction control.

Manufactured from heavy gauge mild steel, these products are designed to provide years of reliable service. The plates are fitted with rubber buffers to reduce the operational noise to very low levels.

Due to the recessed mounting method, adequate drainage must be provided when installing the units, and traffic approach speeds should be limited to approximately 5mph, and our speed reduction ramps are ideal to achieve this.


Recessed (non HGV): 305mm wide by 216mm depth, by 320mm overall height (204mm below ground)

Recessed (HGV rated): 610mm wide by 216mm depth by 320mm overall height (204mm below ground)

NOTE: Traffic speed must be regulated to 5mph on the approach to the plates.