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Alligator Ramps

A clever combination of traffic flow control and speed control in one product. Alligator Ramps are a modular steel speed ramp with an inbuilt Alligator Teeth direction control device.

Alligator Ramps

A 50mm wide tooth, capable of safely deflating car and 4X4 tyres is depressed by tyres when vehicles are moving in the approved direction. Large rubber buffers ensures quiet operation, and red “cats eyes” provide night time warning to vehicles moving against the approved flow direction.

Each alligator ramp traffic calming ramp section is 320mm wide by 690mm long and has a strong Durbar” surface, finished in alternating black/yellow. Rated for all wheeled vehicles including HGVs, the system is simple to install on to asphalt or concrete using suitable expanding anchor bolts. High quality components ensure that the Alligator Ramp provides a low maintenance solution. This product is not related to the gator ramps (gator ramp system, gator ramp tailgate) commonly used for moving heavy items.

Suggested Quantities to Suit Varying Road Widths.

Road Width Quantity of Ramp Sections
2.5m 7
3.0m 9
3.6m 10
4.0m 11
4.5m 13
5.0m 15
6.0m 17
7.0m 21
9.0m 27