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Solar Powered Systems

AMC have been pioneering users of alternative power solutions for access control hardware. Primarily using photovoltaic arrays and lead acid or lithium storage batteries, we have been able to develop power systems which provide a guaranteed number of access cycles per day throughout the year.

Solar Powered Systems

Each system is custom designed to suit the hardware to be operated, whether this is a gate, intercom or combination of different products.

Many factors are taken into consideration to arrive at a workable solution, including the power requirement, number of operations per day for all the hardware, the latitude and amount of expected sunlight at the site, and actual light levels on site accounting for any tall buildings and other obstructions.

We use the Solapole system with its multi faceted solar array to “follow” the sunlight throughout the day and thereby harvesting the maximum amount of energy. For high power devices multiple poles may be used, or the Solapole may be fitted with additional photovoltaic panels at high level and a wind power generator at the top of the pole.

Solapole house its maintenance free batteries within the pole housing to offer a sleek appearance whilst larger installations incorporate separate battery banks. The power system is controlled by a charge regulator to optimise the charge state and health of the batteries.

Solar Powered System

Solar Powered Security System

The completed power system is an off grid application that requires no trenching, cabling or grid connection and so installation costs and traffic disruption is minimised. There are No annual utility bills and so the cost savings from installation of this type of system can be significant.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Applications can be customised
  • Stylish modern design
  • No mains connection
  • Easy installation
  • No utility bills
  • High reliability and long life