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Telescopic Sliding Gates

Telescopic gates combine the practicality and contemporary appearance of standard sliding gates whilst offering several key advantages.

Telescopic Gates

The effect of having two or more telescoping gate leaves moving in concert is to allow the gate to open and close much faster than a single leaf sliding unit. This is obviously beneficial at high security locations, and also improves traffic flow at sites subject to high levels of traffic throughput.

Telescopic gates are available in cantilevered and tracked format, with the latter allowing extremely large gates to be installed where conventional systems are unable to match the clear width or travel speed needed.

As with all AMC gates, telescopic gates may be designed to the customers exact design requirements to include decorative panels as required. An example of such a gate may be seen on this page.

All automatic gates are equipped with an extensive safety package to ensure that the installed gate meets or exceeds all current safety legislation. This comprises rubber buffers on the gate leaf leading edge and to the front and rear of the drive posts. Twin photo-cell beams are also provided for low/high vehicle protection. Rotating warning lights and sounders can also be added to the top of the drive posts to indicate when the gates are in motion.
Telescopic Gates

Telescopic Gates

The automated versions have a fully enclosed drive system within the full height gate drive post for a clean modern appearance whilst maximising the security and longevity of the gate.

Similarly, the fully programmable control board is situated with the drive motor, and allows connection to any access control and fire alarm system.

Telescopic 4

Telescopic 5