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Security Systems
Security Fences - Security Fencing
AMV and AMZ style fencing, high security, electric and sports fencing.
AMV Fencing
Secure and economical weldmesh fencing. Our lowest cost fencing which provides an unobtrusive solution to perimeter security.
AMZ Fencing
The attractive appearance of this fence is enhanced with the welded stripe feature, which has the added benefit of increasing the security of the structure. Popular with highly visible and prestigious locations.
R86 Security Fencing
High Security Safety Fencing with unobtrusive good looks ideal for heavy duty applications.
Maxguard 358 Fencing
Maximum Security Fencing for Military Installations, Prisons and other Highly Secure Sites.
Palisade Fencing
Palisade fencing is a traditional steel security fencing system which is largely being superseded by the welded steel mesh fencing such as R65 or Paladin types. However, Palisade continues to be popular in certain environments, and AMC palisade is a flexible system suited to any application.
Sports Fencing
Sound and Vibration reduction fencing specifically for Sports Facilities, Tennis Courts etc.
Electric Fencing
AMC pulsed electrified perimeter security systems provide total security and protection of the protected perimeter or boundary.
Vibration Detection Fencin
AMC intruder detection systems have a proven track record for the protection of industrial estates; buildings; factories; garages; warehouses; storage compounds; logistics depots; car storage compounds; Military and Government premises and establishments.