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Automatic k12 Certified Security Bollards (AMP5000 Series)

Specifically designed to protect the highest security establishments, AMP5000 series bollards offer the highest level of threat protection in the industry.

Automatic k12 Bollards

AMP5000 rising bollards work in conjunction with a specially designed reinforced concrete foundation to form an immovable monolithic structure.

These k rated bollards have been fully crash tested during which they resisted a 7.5tonne goods vehicle travelling at 80kph.

After impact the bollards retained their functionality thereby allowing the protected facility to continue in operation after the attacking vehicle is removed. This test result allows us to offer a system which complies with US DoS K12 and UK PAS68 standards of threat denial.

Available in fixed format or as fully automatic retractable units, these bollards offer an aesthetically pleasing solution where discrete but guaranteed security is required and optins such as k4 removable bollards aren't up to standard.

Certified Security Bollards

AMP5000 Bollard

For the ultimate in security the bollards can be used in conjunction with AMC’s range of rising road blockers, and AMC are able to supply fully linked multiple bollard systems with any type of access control system. Please contact us for a free quote for bollard testing.


AMP5000 Bollards

Technical Details:

  AMP5000/900 AMP5000/1200
Bollard Diameter 275mm 275mm
Bollard Height 900mm 1200mm
Bollard Wall Thickness 25mm 25mm
Raise/lower speed 200mm/sec 200mm/sec
Bollard Weight (with casing and rebar cage) 900kg 1030kg
Design Life 2 million movements
Breakout resistance 2,000,000 Joules
Standard Finish Mild Steel Painted dark grey
Optional finishes Stainless steel (304 grade),  ribbed mild steel (in grey) or non standard RAL colours