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Security Systems
Security Bollards
Automatic and manual telescopic security bollards.
GlowFlex Bollards
These bollards are internally illuminated to ensure visibility in all locations and at all times of day.
Automatic Economy Bollards
A range of 220mm diameter bollards at very competitive prices.
Automatic Security Bollards
Designed to enhance any prestigious location, AMP3000 bollards provide reliable operation in areas with high traffic density.
Automatic Anti-Ram Bollards
Designed as an effective anti ram system the AMP4000 bollard is used to offer the highest levels of security where the cost of a fully certified system is not warranted.
Automatic K12 Anti-Ram Bollards
Specifically designed to protect the highest security establishments, AM5000 series bollards offer K12 levels of protection. This is the highest level of threat protection in the industry. These bollards are fully crash tested and certified against a 7.5tonne truck travelling at 80kph.
Telescopic Manual Bollards
Manually operated bollards which are available with built in gas struts to provide a “lift assist” feature to reduce the effective weight of the bollards. They retract fully into the underground casing and may be locked in the up and down position.
Fold Down Bollards
A fold down security bollard without the tripping hazard. Folds neatly into a recessed trough when not in use, and may be locked in the up and down position.
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