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GlowFlex Automatic Bollards

AMC GlowFlex bollards are an innovative new product for the traffic control and parking sectors.

Glowflex Automatic Bollards

Designed to flex upon impact with a vehicle, and to self right upon release, the GlowFlex bollard is manufactured from new Blendtec® material.

This material has been developed to provide a bollard rigid enough to protect pedestrians whilst being able to absorb impacts with little or no damage to the bollard itself.

GlowFlex bollards have been subject to rigorous testing to simulate repeated impacts by a vehicle weighing 1500kg.

This test subjected a fully automatic GlowFlex bollard to 50 repeated impacts which bent the bollard to 90┬░, and 500 impacts bending the bollard to 45┬░ at intervals of 30 seconds.

Automatic Security Bollards


Fixed, manually retractable and fully automatic bollards are offered, and they are available in green, red and yellow, the bollards are internally illuminated to ensure visibility in all locations and at all times of day.

To further avoid extensive damage to the bollard in the event of an impact, both the automatic drive unit and the lighting unit remain below ground level even when the bollard is fully raised.