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Rising Security Blockers

The AMC range of Security Road Blockers provides the ultimate in perimeter protection — guaranteed security where unauthorised road vehicles need to be stopped.

LaRue 2-blockers

Designed and developed to provide effective traffic control where other conventional barriers are unable to provide an adequate deterrent and are Ideal for maximum security sites such as Government installations, Royal palaces, Military bases, Police stations, Embassies, Airports etc.

AMC blockers feature hydraulic drives with a quick acting mechanism to remove the risk of “tailgating” through an access point. Accumulators may be specified as an option to provide an emergency quick operation option, which has proved popular at high security locations.

The standard range of blockers offer units in widths between 2m and 5m and heights above ground of 350mm, 500mm and 800mm. Our custom build programme allows us to construct units designed to fit the exact width of your roadway and we have built single units with a width of 9m by 1.2m height.

Uniquely, AMC blockers have a “cast in place” foundation casing which significantly reduces the installation time when compared to other makes of blocker, thereby lowering the overall project costs whilst becoming operational sooner than alternates.

DeLaRue blocker

rising road blocker

The hydraulic machinery and control gear are concealed within a secure steel enclosure which may be sited up to 10m from the blocker location, within the security gatehouse, for example to remove a potential attack point.

In the event of a power failure, our blockers may be operated by means of a manual override system.

road blockers