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Anti Ram Certified Rising Blockers

Where a guaranteed level of anti ram protection is required against vehicle attack, our range of crash tested blockers are designed and tested to the highest levels in the industry.


Anti Ram Rising Blockers

The testing carried out on this anti ram vehicle barrier demonstrated that it is capable of absorbing an impact of a 7610kg goods vehicle travelling at 80kph. This impact resulted in the vehicle being destroyed with no penetration into the protected site, whilst the blocker received no operational damage and remained fully functional after the destroyed goods vehicle was removed.

The blocker was designed to offer the same level of protection against both US and European manufactured vehicles which are of sufficiently different design to show different behaviour in testing. AMC blockers provide protection in accordance with both the US DoS and British standards.

The testing regime resulted in the AMC blocker receiving certification to the DoS standard K12-L3.

The rising section of the blocker is constructed of fully welded, heavy gauge steel with a removable inspection panel. The segment is driven by 20 tonne rated hydraulic actuators with anti burst valves to protect against hose sabotage.

Certified anti ram raid blockers are available in widths of 2.0m, 2.5m, 3.0m, 3.5m and 4.0m. The height of the rising element is 800mm above ground.

The hydraulic power unit and control gear is enclosed within a lockable externally rated cabinet which may be placed adjacent to, or remote from the blocker for added security.

Anti Ram Certified Blocker