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Intruder Detection Barriers

Discreet, effective, reliable active infra red detection barriers for windows, doors, walls and perimeters.

Intruder Detection Barriers

Active infra red beams may be used in conjunction with most alarm or monitoring systems.

Alarm output may be programmed on interruption of one beam or several to reduce the number of false alarms generated by animals etc.

May be used to send an alarm, turn on lights, open gates direct cameras etc.

Slim and discreet housings (from 14mm x 17.5mm) may be fitted to small window reveals, whilst larger units are available for fitment to wall edges, or as stand alone versions to monitor open areas and driveways.

Intruder Detection Barrier

Detection Barriers

12V DC versions or lithium battery operated versions with a battery life of up to 2.5 years are offered for remote locations.

Barriers may be used in pairs or linked to form a protective boundary around high value assets or property.

Totally invisible beams, intruders will be unaware of their presence, whilst the devices do not detract from the visual appeal of the property protected.

WDS200 Light and Digital Lux barriers are disguised as lighting posts, complete with a globe light fixture (light is powered separately).

Detection ranges from 2m to 120m external and 240m internal.

Models are available with a programmable response time for areas with intermittent natural disturbance whilst detecting more sustained movements.

Intruder Detection