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Security Systems
Company Overview

Security BollardsAMC Security Systems specialise in physical and perimeter security.

We are able to provide a comprehensive range of high security systems which provide effective Vehicle or Personnel Access Control, including a full range of Industrial Security Traffic Control Products, industrial security gates, ecurity fencing, industrial security systems, doors, cameras and lights.
plus Car Parking Control and Fee Collection – all of which are supported by a skilled Installation and Maintenance capability.

Road Blocker

AMC is based in the UK but provides security equipment to locations around the world. Approximately 60% of our business is export related.

AMC has products for a wide range of Access Control and Security Applications:

  • Car Parking
  • Personnel Access Control
  • Vehicle Lane Control in Cities
  • Commercial and Industrial Properties
  • Schools
  • Offices
  • Banking
  • Airports and Ports
  • Military
  • Police Forces


AMC is able to provide a wide range of perimeter security systems to differing specifications depending upon the requirements of the client, from General Purpose applications through to High Security installations.

Swing Barrier


AMC Sales representatives are available to discuss suitable solutions with potential clients. Whether the need is for a discreet but effective system, or a high visibility deterrent system, our staff are available to discuss the options in great detail, so that both specification and budget requirements are met.


The wide range of security systems available mean that AMC will have the right products to provide your solution.



Automation and Control

AMC is able to provide a wide range of options for the control of your Security and Access Control equipment, from Fee Collection plus Computerised Movement Recording, to Card Access and Direct Control from guard houses, AMC can offer solutions to meet your requirements.

Support and Maintenance

All AMC products are supported by an experienced Installation, Maintenance and Repair capability. We supply engineers to supervise installations and train security systems maintenance staff outside the U.K.

Industrial security jobs

AMC frequently have vacancies for maintenance contractors and sales staff, please contact us for more informaiton.

AMC Security Systems is Registered in England, company number 04422738
Registered office address:
168 Church Road, Hove, East Sussex BN3 2DL, United Kingdom
VAT number: 798 2202 05