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Bullet Resistant LED Lighting

In addition to our range of LED floodlights, we also offer a ballistic range to offer protection min the most demanding environments.

Bullet Resistant LED Lighting

Using our standard LED floodlight chassis, the lens is constructed from a ballistic rated material to protect against direct hits from 0.357 or 0.44 Magnum grade weapons.

As with our standard units, these units offer greatly reduced energy consumption and increased lifespan over traditional lighting with associated benefits in lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs.

All units are available with white light, visible infra red (850nm) or covert infra red LEDs.

  • Direct replacement for traditional lighting units
  • Maintenance free for 8 years ( at 6000hr annual usage).
  • Reduction in energy consumption from 500W to 60W
  • Low voltage DC operation
  • Minimal performance degradation over 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Enhanced environmental performance—no mercury contaminants or UV emissions
LED Lighting